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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
Breaking Bad is amazing.
No spoilers. I am all caught up to the end thus far. It just gets better and better.

What are you up to?

Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
Pork belly "cured" for 6 hours, cooked and finished in the oven for 4 hours with all the sweet fat and juices, herbs and spices, salts and sweetness. Pan fried with a earl grey and sage reduction. To go with it is a lovely and balanced pineapple, jicama slaw with micro greens. Also, a purple yam purée mixed with arborio rice and a splash of white wine and mint to balance the overly pallet wrapping heaviness of the purple yam. Lastly, all that sweet juices from the pork belly that's been working up flavors for over 12 hours. A tall glass of coconut water, a glass of sauv. Blanc and a glass of water while watching the third LOTR. Y'all should visit for some home cooking.
^Sounds awesome.

I will return shortly with pics of the fresh ham we made for Christmas.

Originally Posted by Callys Chicken Parm View Post
I know you detailed a workout for me the other day, but is this a good one too?
You ever consider picking up P90X or P90X 2?

Seems to fit what you're looking for in that its a good full body program. You won't need more than some dumb bells and a pull up bar.

I would suggest doing half of each workout though, doing the entire program is overkill.

In my opinion of course.

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