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12-29-2012, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by mbhhofr View Post
When you came out with these dumb azz comments about referees, I wasn't getting defensive about it, I was using my experience to point out your ignorance. By pointing out your ignorance, you say that I have a chip on my shoulder? You make about as much sense as a goal post.

Millions of hours of hockey. Wow! Too many elbows to the head will do that. Maybe that's why you have this thing about referees. They never called a penalty when it happened to you.
Plenty of refs at the lower levels have chips on their shoulders. Heck, you see it in the NHL where some refs just happen to have grudges against certain teams for whatever reason. You don't think it's worse at the beer league levels, especially when the refs are from the area and most likely have a prior history (good or bad) with the players in the game they are officiating?

Lets be honest, not every ref knows the rule book like the back of their hand, and most players definitely don't. You can say all you want about how players make mistakes too, but the next time I get an admission of a mistake from a ref, will be the first time. We understand that refs make mistakes, it is the absolute unwillingness to acknowledge that mistake that pisses everyone off

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