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12-29-2012, 09:29 AM
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Also for BAP/EASHL/OTP add more stats to the powerplay when I play as my playmaker I set up others but get no credit on the powerplay only the goal scorer does.. PPA, PPP should be added into the stats/career stats. PPP% 5/10 50% so in 10 powerplays you have 5 points.
It would be nice to see when your recruiting players for your team same with the PK if you could have that stat I think alot of players would play more defensively to make there stat look good. For the PK stat it would be like how many PK youve killed out of the total then gives you your percentage like the faceoffs. 5/10, 50% PK kinda like that would add abit more to the game an your skater, along with recruiting would be nice to see someones stat on how they do on the PK, would make it interesting recruiting and seeing the players PK% or PPP. maybe players will start playing there position more on the pk an stop rushing up trying for a SHG everytime they get the puck. you could add pk to unlocking boost aswell ( kill 25 penaltise to unlock +3 defensive defenseman boost),or (Have a PK% of 75 over in 10 games to unlock +3 defensive defenseman boost)something around those lines. would also work for the PP could be shooting boost, passing boost, awareness another one is Shot blocking this should of been already added to look at someones stats an see they are good on the PK 90% and have over 100 block shots in there career of 50 games (example).

(PPA, PPP, PK then the %, an Shot blocking) .

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