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Originally Posted by DontPass2Clarkson View Post
Speaking of "not training hard enough"...if you seriously follow squats up with deadlifts, then I'd almost guarantee you're not working either one of them hard enough, or lift some relatively light weight.
I've already stated that I use jellydick weights.

Tiring yourself out with one of the most intense compound lifts, and then following that up with probably the next most intense compound lift...genius.
These days I don't. Or at least not with heavy (for me) weights. I'll do heavy deadlifts and then some light sets of squats. I used to do heavy squats then press followed up by deadlifts.

But I'm not the one who is looking to do leg presses after deadlifting.

And btw if your entire leg circuit consists of just squats and deadlifts, you are severely under-training your quads.
Leg circuit? Are you some aspiring bodybuilding?

Don't be worrying about my quads. I already have a hard enough time fitting them into straight leg pants.

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