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12-29-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
You ever consider picking up P90X or P90X 2?

Seems to fit what you're looking for in that its a good full body program. You won't need more than some dumb bells and a pull up bar.

I would suggest doing half of each workout though, doing the entire program is overkill.

In my opinion of course.
While that's a good idea and all, I'm one of those fools who can't do **** on his own. Cardio, sure, I can run on the treadmill at my house. But weights and all the workouts, I need to do at a gym with my friends there to help and to motivate.

Basically, I need a trainer, but **** that, too expensive, I'll be going to the gym with my friend who's on the football team, he knows all about lifting.

It's also a very doable option because the NYSC in my town does a student special of $20 a month. #cheap

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