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12-29-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
Also, Fehr's strategy may be deplorable, but it's working.
Working at doing what? Gaining tiny "concessions" which are just adjustments to how much this will hurt the PA, at the cost of a billion dollars of revenue and irreparable damage to the industry? That's what he wants to do?

The NHL has, time and time again, budged from their "final" offer. If you can get the other side to negotiate against themselves, there's no reason not to.
Of course there's a reason not to, when there's an $800m price tag attached to tiny, nearly-irrelevant shifts in stance. 5% variance on contracts, one amnesty buyout per team and an extra year's contract maximum for re-signed players is worth the current situation? When they don't even affect the majority of players at all?

What have the players actually gained in all of this? Nothing but some easy throwaways regarding medical treatment and hotel rooms.

It doesn't do much to help the players in the present, but if the new CBA is 10 years (as expected) then it'll help them in the long run to wait the owners out.
Except Fehr is the one pushing for a shorter CBA. If he gets his way, these small "concessions" are going to be even less significant.

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