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12-29-2012, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
I disagree because I'm not just using this 1 game to say that. I've watched him in college and even the other US game and you can see the skillset is better than almost every other player out there. The deficiencies he has are typical of any young prospect that are easy to fix too. You can't teach his speed or puck dangling ability. If he was as tall as Yakupov for example, I truly believe he could've been a top 5 pick (Yakupov is just 5'10").
I respect your opinion (Your usually fair and accurate), i just disagree here. Grimaldi is definitely very talented, but Yakupov as an example is on an entirely different level.

Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Thats your choice but I doubt Trocheck ever tops Grimaldi in terms of offense. Trocheck is a more rounded player, sure but not as dynamic offensively. Also Trocheck still has an obstacle to overcome and thats his size too. And he made some bad plays himself in that game that I was disappointed to see.
Perhaps i phrased my response wrong. Grimaldi has greater offensive upside in the sense that he's clearly a better skater and puck handler. I simply prefer Trocheck's NHL prospects at this point. I think he is a safer bet to be a good NHL player. Neither will ever be a premier points compiler in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
I think he may never come over to North America though. The more success he finds in the KHL, the less need there is to come over to the US to play. I hope I'm wrong but based on my gut I dont think we ever see him in a Panthers uniform.
We shall see it how it pans out. I don't think either of us can protect to have pretensions on how events will unfold for Kosov.

His hat-trick today simply by looking at the scoresheet masks what Kosov is actually about. Speed and energy. His 3 goals today certainly wern't particularly pretty goals. I do like his ability to handle and drive the puck in the zone and around the corners, but the finish i am not so sure. His 3 goals today were a stoppable wrister from the Blue line, a fluke deflection and a 2-0 breakway where he jammed it under the Goalies pad. I think his upside is a 20-20 type player who hustles all day long, but may frustate fans that he doesn't score as much as that hustle warrants. Hard not to like him as a prospect though.

Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
We must've been watching 2 different games then. The Russians were softer than butter! I watched them barely get hit by an Americans several different times and get knocked off the puck in the offensive zone. Yes Kosov was one of the few Russians who could take a hit and played through it. Him and that Tkachyov seemed to play a more North American game than the rest of the Russians. I think the difference in this game was coaching and execution than any skills really.
We'll simply have to disagree here. To me, whilst the Russians aren't going out of their way to initiate contact, they don't shy away from it. Don't think physicality is a problem for Russian Junior teams the way it used to be.

Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
He may be an exceptional talent but talent doesnt always translate into production. He's also a player that has had concussions. His style of play seems to lend itself to being in potentially dangerous situations that can get him injured again (he laid out to block that shot yesterday where his head could've taken that puck to it). He can play well in the KHL but they dont play the exact same style as North America. Yes Yakupov played juniors here but lets wait to see him play in the pros before saying he'll be an elite offensive player. And yes I used Nash in terms of numbers because I feel they are both similarly overrated players.
Today he had a solid game. Nothing spectacular, but his ability to control a puck is exceptional. There are very very few players in the world who have his ability to control difficult pucks in full flight and turn on the jets like he can. Bure is an apt comparison in some ways. Elite shot, elite skating and elite passing. He hasn't been at the races for the U-20's for whatever reason, but his performances in the KHL are historically significant. Kuznetsov and Tarasenko (Two players who i think will be NHL PPG players) didn't put these numbers up at 18. The skillset is there. The production at every level is there.

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