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12-29-2012, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
S'pose you're right about that. My bad.

Still, it's exactly the situation that was to be expected if we lose to the Czechs. Which was always a possibility. But the bare minimum expectation, that of making the QF, was never through the Czechs, but the Latvians and the Swiss. And how exactly have we failed in that yet?

The prospect of this situation was sitting right there from the start. If you admit it makes you anxious now, you're only admitting your own inattetiveness.

Christ... I feel like the morale officer of a slit-wrist brigade. Maybe I should just stop trying to talk you guys out of it, and start giving sharpening instructions instead?
Yes well of course this is a pretty probable situation and maybe anxious is a wrong choice of words. But still, the way we've played hasn't given a reason to cheer for and it seems that the Swiss have a better than usual team this year. Even though they dont have any superstars like Niederreiter or Bärtschi.

Of course I expect Finland to win this, I was just stating how big of a game this really is and how huge the concequences are.

And how many of you really thought We'd lose to the Czechs? I obviously underestimated them.

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