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12-29-2012, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Ville231 View Post
And how many of you really thought We'd lose to the Czechs? I obviously underestimated them.
Well, I've watched enough hockey to know that your probability of winning or losing a game is never 100% to one way or the other.

I gave us a 60-40 chance of beating the Czechs. Maybe 65-35 on the moments I felt extra cocky. Those are decent odds swinging our way, but hardly unsurmountable for the opponent.

I never fully "expect" one team or other to win a game. What I do, is that I try to figure who's the favorite, and then what it would take for the underdog to beat them. If they succeed in that, they win. If they don't, the other guy wins.

The Czechs beat their odds, and that's it. Now our guys have to make sure the Swiss don't beat theirs, which are even longer.

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