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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Very good point. I'm still not decided on whether I'd prefer the Danish team(s) to be able to get relegated and replaced with another Danish team or if a specific "Nordic League"-team should be made. I'm leaning towards the first right now...


A) I think the swedes would like their Allsvenskan-teams to be able to win a spot in the SEL. And if Swedish teams can go out - so should Norwegian and Danish. Anything else is silly.

B) You'd be able to build on a already existing fan-culture, front office organisation and sponsor-connections. You'd just be taking next years champion.

C) I fear for the development of the reserves of a "Nordic League"-team. The NT will not benefit from having those right outside the team put on the bench for a whole season.


A) The quality of the team might not be as good as a new "All-Star" team would. As relegation is at stake some players might take their chances in their current clubs.

B) I'd would after a couple of years make the Danish league boring since the strong team would get stronger while the smaller teams would get weaker.

C) The teams relegated would have dramatic changes in competition.

D) It's a silly system really. During the season the leading teams in Denmark, Norway and Allsvenskan wound't know if they are fighting for a spot in the SEL or "just" the honor.

Perhaps some sort of play-off system between the best Danish and Norwegian team and the two best Allsvenskan teams could be made... I'm just thinking out loud here
I think that the best danish teams are around low-level allsvenskan. If you stacked the best danish non-NHL players in one danish superteam it could be good enough for elitserien, but might also be an elevator team between allsvenskan and elitserien. So I agree for a nordic league it should only be fair that the danish and norwegian teams should battle with the allsvenskan teams for promotion.

About the danish league getting boring I don't think so necessarily, since the many of the best danish Al-bank players already flood the allsvenskan (9 players there, and then 2 in Røgle that most likely will be relegated from elitserien after this season). You could think include Morten Madsen from Modo and the 4 players from the german league and maybe Nichlas Hardt and Simon Nielsen from SM-liiga and you have 18 players without having drained any danish team.
If we are just talking one danish Copenhagen team playing for SEL or allsvenskan I don't think it would affect the danish league that much. Two teams certainly will.

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