Thread: OT: Snowstorm today!!
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12-29-2012, 12:07 PM
waffledave, from hf
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I totally threw out my back trying to dig out my car...It has never gotten stuck in the snow ever before cause of the 4x4, but this time it was completely buried, you could only see a bit of the top, and the wheel wells were completely packed with snow, the wheels wouldn't even turn.

My gf helped me and it only took 30 minutes to dig it out...But man am I ever sore today. I injured my back last year, have 2 herniated discs, was doing better but this must have aggrevated it. Now I'm at work, can barely move, and I'm super woozy from the Robax. The pain isn't even really in my back, it's in my ass cheeks. It hurts to sit, hurts to walk, hurts to stand...Just HURTS.

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