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12-29-2012, 12:14 PM
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- I don't like Undertaker very much. He's had some good matches, but I was never really interested by him. Kane was midly better, I felt.

- Never liked Mick Foley, really. He had a couple of great moments, and a few great matches. He was pretty solid as Cactus Jack, but I couldn't get into the rest of it.

- I absolutely hate Big Show - although he's more over with kids than people my age. I still can't stand him.

- The recent Triple H vs. Undertaker matches from Wrestlemania... suck. The HIAC was a little better, but still doesn't hit *** for me. However, their WM 17 match was off the charts.

- I like John Cena to an extent. I don't love him, but I like him. He's a solid enough worker and he's good on the mic when he isn't make ridiculous jokes about farting and the like.

- I love the cruiserweights like Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, & Evan Bourne. They seem to be popular online to "SMARKS" but not really to the general WWE crowd. I'd much rather watch them go for 15-20 minutes and the Big Show/Sheamus matches go 5 minutes.

- Sheamus is a garbage face. He's basically a carbon copy of Cena with more ******** promos. A much better heel. He's a good worker when he has a good opponent. Painfully boring otherwise.

- I dislike Orton. He was good when he was the Legend Killer - but the Viper gimmick is horrible.

- Never cared about The Rock (except for Hurricane angle), never really cared about Stone Cold, and even hated Hogan as a kid. Never liked Flair either (although now that I'm a bit older, I do love a lot of his matches since I'm a technical wrestling kind of guy).

- Didn't like Nash. Found him boring and slow. As Diesel he was .. okay. As Nash, I hated him.

- Don't like Goldberg or Luger. Just not my type of workers.

- Prefer Christian to Edge.

- Prefer Marty Jannetty to Shawn Michaels.

- Tag Team wrestling is the best type of pure wrestling. It's so much more fun if done right.

I might think of some more later.

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