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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
OK – just re-watched Russia-US game on PVR. Here is the break down by period with some comments:
Interesting. I was hoping someone else would provide some break down for Galchenyuk's ice time, to compare with what I have. What are you using to time his minutes?

Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
1st Period
5 shifts – 4:35 ice time (approx.)
- Main impression is that Kuraly sucks. Kuraly does not seem comfortable on his back hand, definitely favors distributing the puck to Barber.
- One PP – very long shift (1:30) but had very little impact.
- I have not seen him play with Sarnia this year but I can’t imagine he spends as much time as he does on the boards waiting for a pass. On the fourth shift you see home much time he spends standing still waiting for an outlet pass.
- He was nearly perfect in either passing the puck or not losing it.
I ended with 5 shifts - 4:48 TOI.

Kuraly isn't too strong on the forecheck. He's a good passer and wins the majorit of his face-offs, but he's a peg lower in terms of skill, compared to Galchenyuk. Barber too. In the game against Germany, they were able to hide that, because Germany is just not a great team. Against the likes of Russia and Canada, their flaws as a line will show. Galchenyuk will benefit more playing with guys like Grimaldi and Miller, especially when they are down a goal and in the 3rd period.

I do watch Sarnia games. In the defensive zone, that's pretty much what he does when there is a battle in the corner. He will glue himself to the boards and patiently wait, however he is also taking away the passing lane to the defenseman. If he chipped in and dug for the puck and it came out to the defender at the blue line, he'd have an open lane to fire a puck on net. What Gally doing is pretty standard to what he does in Sarnia and depending on who's out there, be it Basso, Murphy or DeAngelo, Gally could be waiting for a loose puck for a few seconds.

Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
2nd Period
6 shifts - 5:05 ice time (approx.)
- Dominated in two PP occasions
- On second PP – had the puck for a lot of the PP that ultimately lead to Trouba’s goal. Obtained primary assist.
- Had a couple of bad plays in 5 on 5 shifts. I have him with 2 puck possession losses and a couple of bad passes.
- Still notice that line mates are not helping. Barber is practically non-existent and Kuraly is not having a good game.
I got 6 shifts - 5:12 TOI.

He indeed looked much better in the 2nd, especially on the PP. I really like Trouba on the point, nice shot and good accuracy. As for the puck possession losses, you can chalk that up to Galchenyuk being on his own. At times, I saw him with the puck on his stick, dangling it around as he waited for Kuraly and Barber to open up... only they never did. Something I like about his game is that if he is in trouble and he has nobody to pass to, he'll put it in a spot where either he or a teammate has a chance to get to it, instead of just plainly turning it over.

Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
3rd Period
6 shifts – 5:00 minutes (approx.)
- Had some of his least effective shifts, especially his 4th shift of the period, which lasted about 1:25 mostly chasing puck in defensive zone.
- Lots of uneventful shifts, not getting the puck.
- Last shift, on the PP, he controlled the PP again. Lack of finishing by US.
Probably the biggest difference between us. I got 6 shifts - 5:46 TOI.

Funny, I also had exactly 1:25 TOI on his 4th shift. I agree. At this point Kuraly and Barber just looked tired and the Russian squad had no problem shutting them down and taking them out of the play. At some points, they were even able to take them out and double team Gally. Great defending in the neutral zone by Russia. He did play 2 or 3 shifts of barely even touching the puck and circling around the neutral and defensive zones. It's almost like, if Galchenyuk or the D don't retrieve the puck, USA has a hard time getting it at all. Especially in the 3rd, this is the time where you swap Galchenyuk with Gaudreau. PP at the end looked good and Gally was having an easy time controlling the puck and making passes but like you said, just no finish.

Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
General comments
- I thought he received his fair share of ice time - go to guy on PP, no PK.
- On this team and tournament, he would greatly benefit from playing center and not having to wait for the puck. I assume that Housley does not want him to free wheel.
- At the very least, put him on the first line instead of Gaudreau. Miller is a much better distributor and finisher and Gaudreau is pretty much useless.
- I understand we want to see Gally dominate each game, but this was a quality opponent with size and speed. IMO, he played as well as the other major players on the ice, no one stood out – with the exception of Nichushkin – who took over in the 2nd and 3rd period. I think he will start being mentioned with the top 3-5 of the draft.
- Grigs does play with a slower pace, but he often has the puck on his stick.
- He played a lot more than the previous two games against Germany and the last exhibition match (logged just over 12 minutes each game). Like you said, he doesn't play the PK and if the US take penalties consistently, it will stunt Galchenyuk's ice time.

- I disagree with the need for Galchenyuk at C. This is pure speculation on my part, but possibly the reason Housley doesn't have Galchenyuk on the PK is because his explosiveness in his skating is not as good as some of the others and he's also coming from an off-season have a bad knee injury. Beaulieu in Sarnia also has him playing wing - he does take face-offs on special teams but quickly converts back to wing. It could just be to make it easier on Galchenyuk, to take away the defensive responsibilities that come with playing centre.

- Agreed. He logged 15+ minutes (going by my ice time logs) and he added an assist to his total. He played good. He also now leads the US in both assists(3) and points(4), despite playing under 30 minutes over the last two games.

- Grigorenko plays a very controlled game. I like it. Yakupov on the other hand... boy am I glad the Habs didn't take him. He plays a high-tempo, quick game but he loses the puck too easily, I saw him bumped easily off of the puck on a few occasions and he also gets frustrated quickly, which turns into him being a puck hog and wanting to do everything himself. I saw the talent and why he went 1st overall, but I also saw the ugly side to his game and I didn't like it at all.

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