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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Disagree completely. I assure you I've seen Gonchar play plenty from '05 onwards, and for all the good things he brought the team, I don't miss his latter-day defense one bit.

Moen was one bad bad play representative of his decline, and you'd be hard-pressed to find even one defensive play that embarrassing from any other top 4 defenseman.

Again, Niskanen every day and twice on Sundays for everything but the PP. He was our best defenseman outside of Letang last year for that very reason.
I've seen Gonchar a ton as well thank you very much. The Pens are my #2 team. Watch them as much as I can because of Crosby.

Gonchar > Niskanen. There's no way around it. Even other impartial fans have chimed in and said so. Gonchar is a legit top 4 defenseman (at least as of 2011-12).

Gonchar is a good PKer. Not great, but you're certainly not thinking "I wish he wasn't out there''. Unlike Niskanen.

Of course Niskanen looked OK, he has sheltered minutes. I've said this many times. Gonchar played top 4 minutes the entire season against scoring lines.

You're highly exaggerating Gonchar's decline. Since his Pittsburgh days, he's lost a little speed, but mostly his offense is worse. He doesn't seem to get his shot off from the point very much, or it's much less dangerous.

In Pittsburgh, Gonchar was good defensively. He was a top pair d-man and played against top lines with Orpik. Right now, he's still acceptable defensively for a top 4. He's not a liability.

Gonchar >> Niskanen, no way around it. Gonchar actually contributes on special teams.

Pittsburgh has an abundance of good D prospects. Niskanen is therefore not part of the long term plan.
to name a few. Niskanen should be gone in a couple of years anyway.

Gonchar gives the Pens a better chance of winning because:
-he's better
-proven on ice and off ice chemistry with Malkin/the Pens

So they lose a younger player for one who is almost done... who cares, Niskanen shouldn't be there long term anyway.

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