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12-29-2012, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MrVisser View Post
Right, I forgot we just signed Liles, unlikely he'd be bought out so soon but I thought of it as a bit of a long shot any way.

If the cap drops to $60m as I've heard reported in the CBA talks, that should leave Leafs with ~$18m in 2013-2014 season so far. IIUC, the AHL salaries would also cut into the NHL cap as well with the new offer.. a quick glance at capgeek (hard to calculate easily from there) suggests maybe $6m in salaries there? I'm assuming it's not the NHL-level salary but the AHL-level salary coming off the books.

In which case we would have about $12m cap to resign some of our current guys, plus one of Getzlaf or Perry. Very rough estimate there, but could be do-able without buying out Komi and pissing away $2.6m.

BTW, just used dollar figures from capgeek, I might have misinterpreted some numbers though:

EDIT: Just found that the figure I was looking at to determine AHL salaries were actually the bonuses. That $6m is probably much lower than I thought (e.g., Rielly gets $70k in the AHL, not $850k)
I think AHL'ers would only count against the cap if they're on one-way deals and even then only if they make more than a certain amount (I think I heard it was about $600k). So for the Leafs there's no extra cap coming from AHL'ers.

Also these would be cap free buy outs. So Komisarek would be fully off the cap if the Leafs used its compliance buyout on him. So while the owners would lose $2.6 million or something like that in doing so, what's that to your ownership group? Nothing. Leafs could easily afford that.

Even $18 million to sign one of Perry or Getzlaf is barely enough when you'd still need to sign (or bring up rookies) another 9 players to have the 23 men roster. It's doable but would be really tight. Also even if it's doable, wouldn't you rather re-sign Lupul for that $4.5 million and buy Komisarek out?

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