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12-29-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by CalBuckeyeRob View Post
Seems like a nothing issue to cause an owner of a likely non-playoff team to change their stance on a big issue to get in some cases a 1% chance of the #1 overall pick. Any word if that change would only be lottery for #1 or would apply to multiple spots? Would really suck to have another season like 2012 and find you are picking 5th after 4 teams jump you.
My best guess would be a weighted drawing, similar to the way it's already done; with the worst team having the best odds, and the 17th place team overall having the least odds of gaining the #1 spot. The difference would be that any team that wins the lottery would move up to #1. In the case of 2011, the Devils won the lottery, but only were able to move up to #4 because of the way it was set up. In the new system, they would move up to #1, regardless of how many teams they had to jump. I don't think they would do a drawing to determine the entire order; that would be far too hard on some teams that struggle perennially. I think it would only be a drawing for the first overall pick, and would only count towards the first round order - subsequent rounds would still be in reverse order of standings.

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