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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Yakupov has played very selfishly so far this game.

He brings it in the zone then when a player gets close to him he either throws a weak wrister on goal or loses it to the poke check. Oilers better hope they get the Yakupov that knows how to pass
Yeah, I was pissed off at his play, as well, no passing whatsoever. Same with Grigorenko against Germany. They both have great individual skills, but such play doesn't lead anywhere. But I think or at least hope that with Yakupov it wasn't so much selfishness, it was just him carrying a big burden as a highly touted future star, captain of the team and Russia playing at home. I don't think he was lazy and just wanted to cruise and stickhandle, as he did backcheck and play hard on the defense.

Originally Posted by Roo Mad Bro View Post
I thought Ghost had a very solid game.

Wish he saw more PP this game though. Don't even think he had a chance that last PP.
I was quite impressed with him this game, as well, and thought he was one of the better US defensemen. I especially liked his transition play, and while defensively he might not be elite at this point, he seems to be good enough. I'm not sure he was matched with the toughest opposition, though.

Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
If the Gaudreau-Miller-Grimaldi line is still intact for the game against Canada, I'll have lost all confidence in Phil Housley as a coach. Their lack of cohesiveness and chemistry after 3 games is inexcusable. The disparity between BC Gaudreau and WJC Gaudreau is unbelievable. His confidence is non-existent, and pairing him with Grimaldi makes no sense. When Gaudreau is playing well in BC, he's dictating the play, and he has the puck on his stick. I've seen Gaudreau 5-6 times this year, and the same number last year. When he's playing with Grimaldi, Grimaldi is always holding onto the puck. Those two cannot work together, they play the exact same style and having two of that same style does not work on a line. Combine the fact the fact that Grimaldi and Miller are both playing out of position(Grimaldi is a center and Miller a winger), it's just not going to work. Miller's style is much more conducive to being a winger because he likes to forecheck and work the corners, which a center doesn't do. They may not want to make 3 scoring lines, but I see it as the only way to get Gaudreau and Grimaldi clicking.


In this case, it gives both Gaudreau and Grimaldi two bigger guys to work with, and it will allow them to dictate the pace of play for their line. They have the puck on their stick, and have two bigger forwards that can work the corners to get them the puck, and crash and bang in front of the net.
I can't believe how highly touted the first US line was, as they seem to be playing pretty badly. Grimaldi is a sparkplug and is all over the place, but there's no chemistry on that line. Of the three, I think Miller has been the most disappointing, though.

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Yep, and like CanadianFlyer said, the D core isn't good enough to cover up the mistakes

Another issue I've seen is chemistry which should come with more games played
Well, there's also Binnington, who acquitted himself quite nicely in the preliminary game, leading up to the tournament. I don't think Subban has been terrible, but for someone as hyped as him he's been somewhat shaky. But sometimes players play better when they're facing tougher opposition, so it's hard to judge from these games against Germany and Slovakia.

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