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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
- I disagree with the need for Galchenyuk at C. This is pure speculation on my part, but possibly the reason Housley doesn't have Galchenyuk on the PK is because his explosiveness in his skating is not as good as some of the others and he's also coming from an off-season have a bad knee injury. Beaulieu in Sarnia also has him playing wing - he does take face-offs on special teams but quickly converts back to wing. It could just be to make it easier on Galchenyuk, to take away the defensive responsibilities that come with playing centre.

- Agreed. He logged 15+ minutes (going by my ice time logs) and he added an assist to his total. He played good. He also now leads the US in both assists(3) and points(4), despite playing under 30 minutes over the last two games.

- Grigorenko plays a very controlled game. I like it. Yakupov on the other hand... boy am I glad the Habs didn't take him. He plays a high-tempo, quick game but he loses the puck too easily, I saw him bumped easily off of the puck on a few occasions and he also gets frustrated quickly, which turns into him being a puck hog and wanting to do everything himself. I saw the talent and why he went 1st overall, but I also saw the ugly side to his game and I didn't like it at all.
Personally I think Galchenyuk isn't playing on the PK for two reasons. Housley wants Galchenyuk to have as much energy as possible. Also, while Galchenyuk is a great PKer in the CHL, in the 30 odd seconds that he was on the penalty kill in one of the pre-tournament games he was awful. That could most likely be attributed to his style of penalty killing and the larger ice. He is very aggressive and attacks the point, while blocking the passing lane. Larger ice means more room for the players. Galchenyuk was caught running around between the man on the point and the man along the boards above the circle. I think he should be given another chance on the penalty kill, but his style, at least in my opinion, is not very effective on the larger ice.

Yakupov used to do that in junior to. The difference was he could actually get around everyone. I've managed to catch a few of his games for Nizhnekamsk this year and he wasn't playing like that at all. While still a tad selfish, he used his teammates more and didn't try to rush the puck up the ice every time he got it. I think now that he's back playing against his age group, he's doing what he could do in junior, but with the higher talent level he simply can't.

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