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12-29-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeez View Post
What a sad question, man. Why i have to be interested about penalty, when there is battle for his alive. Is the game more important, than life of players for you?

What about punishing dangerous play preventively, to keep feeling that battles are not so wild. Obviously that accidents in this style can happen...

But many of concussions can be canceled by smarter play. I like smart game at first place in hockey, than the aggresivity at first.
So essentially you have no response? I mean, if a player were skating fast towards the goalie you could consider that reckless play, and if his skate ends up cutting the goalie (or another player) he should be penalized, right? Does that mean, based on your comments/standards, that you should preventatively penalize any player who skates fast because this outcome could happen?

To prevent concussions maybe all players can wear padding and instead of ice they play on a trampoline, and instead of hockey sticks and a puck they can use a tennis ball and pillows.

The Canucks will continue to suck until the day Benning, Weisbrod, Linden, and Desjardins are all fired.
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