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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
If that's the case, why are they playing at all? Kindl is a sixth dman because he never got an opportunity to be anything else. You are wasting roster spots if you actually believe they will never be ready. Either scenario makes it look like Ken Holland screwed up.

Mursak was DOA the second he got hurt and was never given a chance after that.

I really believe that the only reason Holland keeps going with washed up veterans over youth is because, he still views the Wings as contenders. It makes total sense when you look at it from that perspective. You want the veteran presence that makes less mistakes over rookies/younger inexperienced players in the later rounds.
The really stupid part of Holland's thinking is that this isn't a 37-year-old Hull or Robitaille or Larionov.
This is a washed up Bertuzzi (post back injury/Steve Moore incident) and Mikeal Whoopty-Doo Samuelsson.

The other really stupid part of this equation is the idea that veterans win cups.
We've got lots of Vets.
Last year's Kings team had 7 players 25 and under who played 20 games or more.
The Bruins winning team had 7 too.
The Hawks cup winners were one of the youngest in years.

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