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12-29-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
I am so happy right now, just found out what iTunes Match really is, and how beneficial it is to me.

I am a music-holic, I have such a wide variety of music interests and with all these new bands that I hear and download, I no longer have enough room to keep them on my iPhone. I have 2500 songs and <16 GB of usable data, roughly 10GB available for music when you factor in apps and photos/videos. Apparently iMatch allows you to access your entire library and gives you the option of downloading it (like normal), OR streaming it. I can finally access any song I want on my iPhone instead of having to limit my selection. It cost me $24, but considering I was almost going to buy a 64GB iPod Classic for $80, I'm pumped!!
I've had it since last year, it's pretty sweet.

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