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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Right now the weather here as been fantastic (70's and 80's). So camping out at the library isn't all that bad. However at this time of year, I would think the shopping malls and other retail outlets would be a better location to get signatures.

I honestly think Ken Jones really doesn't have any idea as to the most effective way to make a petition drive succeed. I think he was counting on GWI for assistance with it, since he allowed them to use him as their designated "concerned Glendale citizen" in their suit against the ordinance. He seemed real disgusted with GWI at the end when his partner (who had a connection with GWI) bailed on him.
The best way would have been to go door to door. Unless there are events that primarily attract Glendale residents the problem you run into at malls is you would have people who weren't Glendale residents. They should have been able to get the list of registered voters from whoever it is that runs elections out there. That way they would have only had to go to the homes of people who were registered.

So the only hurdles left is Jamison having the money and a potential Goldwater challenge.

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