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12-29-2012, 02:45 PM
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It seems quite a stretch to characterize the PA as winning when they have made huge concessions again. Perhaps relative to what the vast majority of fans thought the players could get given the owners overwhelming leverage. Perhaps when constrasted with all the tough talk from fans that owners should lay down the law. Perhaps compared to what Paul Kelly might have conceded to?

The stupid uneducated Canadian athletes got a better deal than all their college educated counterparts in the other sports i guess because they are too dumb to realize they should have surrendered early?

That was a pretty funny example from Fehr showing up late though, passive aggressive brilliance he called it, heh. Of course juxtaposed with Bettmans condescending arrogance, dismissing PA counter offers before possibly reading and discussing them and then presenting new typed up offers several minutes after that, calling them take it or leave final offers that will only get worse, over and over, i'd think there is only one way to counter that style of Bettmans.

But most dangerous of all, why is everyone thinking Fehr won at all, in that the lockout is now over. Its far from over. That 60 mil cap at the same time as compliance buy-outs are coming out of it is going to be a disaster to teams, payrolls, salaries, and fairness. And for no good reason other than they are too cheap to pay for transition out oftheir own pockets as any normal business would. That $60 mil cap has to be a hill the PA dies on to prevent - its ridiculous.

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