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Originally Posted by badumtsh View Post
No you called me naive for thinking that anything other than Canadians could get some what decent audience for Non-home team games without even coming up with a counter argument from what I wrote from the very beginning. Then you pull the "strawman" bull when your original comment was just calling me out for being naive, like that would be any better.
I didn't call you naivë, just your reasoning. But I do think it's pretty far-fetched to assume the level of attendence would be acceptable for lower profile games in a U20 tournament anywhere else in the world than Canada. Even when the tournament has been held in Canada the attendence has been so-so for some games. Not to mention the previous years, including this, when it's been held outside of Canada.

Mora-Leksand had an average attendence of ~2000 I think.

I also haven't refuted your claim that holding the tournament in any other city would be better. Except for the attendence numbers I linked in my previous post I can't summon any argument to the contrary that isn't highly arbitrary in nature since these type of tournaments are not a frequent occurence.

Now, I think holding the tournament in Malmö is part experiment, part compensation. Malmö was supposed to co-host the WHC with Stockholm in 2013(?) but got shafted by the federation and given the WJC instead as compensation.

As for what is a "better" city to host this tournament -- that's HIGHLY subjective until we atleast have some numbers from Malmö in 2014.

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