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12-29-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsrule View Post
I know that it would never happen but I truly believe that the best way to solve the NHL lockout would be to have less teams.

Their are a bunch of teams who are losing money year after year. I think the best way to get economics back to where they should be would be to cut the fat and lose a few teams.

So the question that I ask here is how many teams should be cut and what teams?
From a talent point of view, if the talent is there (and I firmly believe it is) then we should not be cutting teams - actually we should be adding teams. If the PA would let them, the NHL could come up with a system (and that's really the only issue) that allows teams to be successful (or rather limits their losses).

And before you cut teams, you give them a chance to move. Seattle, Quebec City, Toronto#2/Southern Ontario would all be wildly successful off the ice (not sure about Seattle, but it couldn't be worse than a bunch of the teams at the bottom now).

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