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12-29-2012, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Del Z baby View Post
The only thing pathetic is the hypocrisy displayed by the owners and Bettman. Signing players to 13 year contracts full well knowing that the league would be pushing to cap term limits at 5 years. Absolutely disgusting.

"We can't help ourselves from making moronic contract offers! Please Gary cap the contracts at 5 years!"

Would it have been any less pathetic if they'd signed them to 8 year deals, then rolled them back? Or how about 7? Or how about they collude and say "we're not going to sign anyone until the new CBA is written." Oh wait...can't do THAT. And Minnesota Suter and Parise's top choice if they can only sign a max 5 year contract? Yeah. Not likely.

Does Suter sign Philly's offer sheet if it's for 5 years? No...not likely.

The owners have to remain competitive in order to be profitable. Junk teams don't fill the seats unless you're one of the many amazing people from Toronto that take out 2nd mortgages to watch mediocre teams. The rest of the league can't get by like that. A lot of these teams lose enough money already. Failing to pony up for top end talent, whatever it costs, can essentially cost you more is lost revenue than what the player's salary is whacking you for.

With 5 year contract limits, I think you'll find players will be more likely to lock up with teams they feel will be most competitive than they are to simply chase $'s.

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