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12-29-2012, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
If that was actually the case, he could have tried harder, and kept his shoulder up in the head region instead of dropping it into his chest... but he didn't. He also could have taken some extra strides... but he didn't. He also could have lunged into the hit... but he didn't.

All in all, pretty bad attempt to take a head off, if that's your claim of his intent.
An exaggeration. I don't think he targeted the head specifically, but I do think that it was an attempt to hurt a vulnerable player while maintaining a somewhat legal body positioning, as in to not draw a penalty, but imo, I think the hitter needs to lay up in these scenarios, he could of got the job done without barreling over him. Look, I love hitting, and speculation on intent is iffy, neither of us can say with absolute certainty what was going on here, but I'd prefer players safety over these type of hits.

I've got no bone to pick here. I'm not big into the nationalistic pride. I cheer for my favorite players regardless of their sweaters. It looked like a charge to me.

I'm not going to sit on here and bash Europeans for their interpretations or tell them to go watch womens hockey for having an opinion. It's all pretty childish imo. It really doesn't mean that much to me as I have no stake in this.

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