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12-29-2012, 03:32 PM
It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
I agree with most of the sentiments here...

Ladd's two-way ability and Kane's youth + scoring ability fills 2 of the top3 LW and most likely will both be in the top6 for a very long while. They compliment each other very well too since Ladd is able to take tough lineups in order to allow Kane get better offensive opportunities, which was one of the main reasons Kane excelled so well last season even with three avg-subavg (but not bad) top6 linemates (Burmi, Welly, Antro).
Ponikarovsky more than aptly fills that 3rd spot for now and I see Lowry as likely future for there (although Klingberg (RW/LW), Cormier (LW/C), and Telegin (LW/C) could always be the man). Lowry plays differently than Ponikarovsky but hopefully will create the same results: big body taking tough defensive minutes and beat them while giving some excellent secondary bottom6 scoring.

With Machacek, Cormier, Klingberg, Lowry, Kosmachuk, Telegin, Olsen and Sutter all in the system, I don't have much fear of our cupboards not being able to plug bottom 6 places. Plus, bottom6 aren't too hard to fill through UFA to fill the holes created if (when) some of these don't make it.
I think "if" the salary cap drops to $60 million in 2013-14 we will have a very good shot at plugging our top 6 fwd and top 4 D holes via the UFA route. There will be a short term window until teams adjust. we have allot of guys to sign and the cap issue is going to get very real very fast for everyone including us. Should drive the price (via demand) of FA's down allot short term. What will be huge though is rental players coming to the end of their contracts this spring. As long as a team isn't stuck with term I can see some teams desperate to give it a shot this year before they have to start dumping key assets.

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