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12-29-2012, 03:41 PM
Dean Ambrose
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Edge and Christian could have been equals. But like I said, Edge had the benefit of height and had a better look, and Vince loves pushing one guy from a tag team over another.

That's not saying Christian is BETTER than Edge, that's me saying they could have been equals and Christian was held down big time. Christian was on something special in 2005 and could have been huge if he stayed on Raw and ended up winning the WWE Championship at some point. WWE moving him to Smackdown and STILL not even giving him the World Heavyweight Championship was a bad move and ultimately, he left. When he came back, it wasn't the same. His win in 2011 at Extreme Rules proved that he could easily get the fans on his side and connect to them.

I'm saying this as a huge Edge mark. Edge is one of my favourites of all time and when he retired, I quit watching (with the exception of Extreme Rules to see Christian win) until CM Punk cut his promo. IMO, he's the best heel post-Attitude Era. All I'm saying is Christian could have been much more than WWE allowed him to be. He had an infinite amount of glass ceilings hanging over him that eventually, he couldn't break through, and walked out. This is also proven when Christian had his World Championship reign (first one) last two days (five days TV time) and his second reign was off Orton giving him a low blow and then destroying him after their match, only for him to hold the title for a month.

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