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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
List of teams that have offered 10+ year contracts since the last lockout:

- Islanders
- Minnesota
- Philadelphia
- Washington
- Detroit
- Chicago
- Vancouver
- Tampa Bay
- Nashville
- Buffalo
- Los Angeles

This is well beyond an "extreme minority" - this is a big chunk of the league. Drop the criteria to 8+ years (which is already a stoopid-long contract) and the majority of the league is guilty as charged.
You know if Jeremy Jacobs is really as powerful in all of this as people say he is it’s interesting to look at the deals the Bruins gave out right before the lockout compared to some other teams. Seguin got the most years at 6 which coincidentally fall right in line with the owner’s proposal for 5 year max contracts with an option for up to 7 if you resign with your team. Even if you go back to the Chara and Savard deals which were 6 and 7 years you can see a pattern. Maybe it’s nothing and maybe Jacobs told Chiarelli nothing more than 7 years. Either way it’s interesting and seems a little too neat and in line with the owners proposal to be a coincidence. And if this is true can you imagine the look on Jacob’s face as he watched those huge contracts get inked right before the lockout? It must have made for some uncomfortable meeting between the owners when the lockout started.

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