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12-29-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
I think this is the crux of the problem. Gauthier traded both Cammalleri and AK and gets Bourque who can't play with Plekanec or play very well with him. We need a winger or two for Pleks and if Bourque can't do it we should send him on his way and use the cap space to find one with the cap space that's freed up.

When or if the cap goes to $60 million there should be a few wingers available that would be suitable for Pleks. I'm not a fan of rejigging the whole team to accomodate Bourque or giving him "easy minutes".
Good luck finding a top 6 winger capable of shutting down top opponents well and producing at 3.3M. I don't see who would want Bourque if he again is underwhelming.

As for rejigging the whole team to accomodate Bourque, I disagree. It's not about one player, it's about the team.
Keep the DD line intact, then what do you have to give to your best center? Gionta. That's it. Bourque can't play there, although he'd probably have an easier time doing it with Gionta on the other side (as opposed to grinders last year due to Gigi's injury). So, who else? Amrstrong? Prust?
The team, as a whole, would be much better if that DD line was dismantled. Last season was great for MaxPac to play next to Cole. This year, I'd like to see him be the main PF of his line. One of these two should be placed with another center.

I also think it would be much better to have big wingers on every line, say MaxPac with DD, Cole with Plek, Bourque with Eller. Fill in the blanks after with whatever else we have.
I'd add Gionta to Plek-Cole, a solid veteran line where every one of them can play a shutdown role to top opponents while still generating offensive chances.
I'd give Leblanc to DD-MaxPac. That would be my first try out combination. Reliable defensive player with decent offensive capabilities in Leblanc. I think he'd be a good filler there.
In the even that Gally would be tried in Mtl, I'd put him alongside Eller-Bourque as a winger. Sheltered minutes, low role, I'm pretty sure they could dominate opponents especially if Gally actually handles himself well. If not, Prust-Moen-Armstrong can fight for that spot.

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