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12-29-2012, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Callys Chicken Parm View Post
While that's a good idea and all, I'm one of those fools who can't do **** on his own. Cardio, sure, I can run on the treadmill at my house. But weights and all the workouts, I need to do at a gym with my friends there to help and to motivate.

Basically, I need a trainer, but **** that, too expensive, I'll be going to the gym with my friend who's on the football team, he knows all about lifting.

It's also a very doable option because the NYSC in my town does a student special of $20 a month. #cheap
Damn, CCP, you're making me feel bad. Haven't worked out at all this week. Most of my friends are in the area (well, those who are still in school and came home for their break) so we played football on Wednesday, then basketball yesterday. I haven't run that hard in anything in a long time so I've been sore since Thursday morning

Will get back into the groove after New Years... Even though we're slated for another bball game on the 2nd.

At least I got some good burn in my legs going though.

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