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I know you guys will roll your eyes about this: if you haven't seen them, check out the 2 Don Cherry biography movies, he played for shore and there were plenty of authentic things which actually happened which Shore did;

-making players sort the food and clean up the rink for every game (ie pack the peanuts and things).
-tying a noose around his goalie's neck for a practice because he went down too often (and this was in days before helmets)
-literally removing Cherry from a hospital and playing him that night despite the doctor telling him Cherry had a concussion and needed to rest
-supposedly he is the cause of the phrase 'black aces'; players not playing were forced to work arena jobs that night.
-plenty of players had it in their contract they could not be sent to Shore's team
-Shore's harsh treatment of players was an indirect cause of the formation of the NHLPA (so there you go, maybe if there was no Eddie Shore, we might have hockey today!)
-despite having no medical training, Shore basically appointed himself team doctor and caused many permanent injuries. There was a scene of Cherry having a broken toe and Shore having him dip his foot in scolding hot and ice cold water alternatively. Also he used to perform his own chiropractics on players with spinal injuries and ruined a lot of careers

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