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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
So you are going to pull out 08 when he was 21 (a rookie) playing the 3rd most minutes on the Kings which would have included major time with a
31 year old Vishnosky (22:60 -19)
38 year old Rob Blake (22:44 -19)
21 year old Jack Johnson (21:42 -19)

10 he plays the 2nd most GPM on the Kings again.

Doughty 24:59
Jack Johnson 22:37
Rob Scuderi 19:16
Sean O'Donnell 18:44
Randy Jones 18:10
28 year old Brad Stuart (21:13 -16)

11 once again 2nd to Doughty 25:39 (who plays alot with willie Mitchell)

Jack Johnson 23:12

I'm not going to argue that he is the best defensive dman in the world but he is hardly as you would say

I'm sorry but the worst defensive player in hockey does not get the MPG that Jack Johnson gets.

He does not get invited to play for the US at the WC 5 times in the last 7 years or the Olympics either.

As Mark Twain has said and you so well have supported this, there are lies damn lies and statistics.

But then again maybe you and 3 select years of stats over the last 7 years know much more about his defensive play than any of his NHL coaches of those of US Hockey right?
He got those minutes because he's still a physical and offensive threat.

And with the personal shots, I have no reason to continue this bickering.

Take 5 mins to read this

"Jack was a thoroughbred out there. But he was all over the place. He was awful as a hockey player. As an athlete, you’re going, wow! Look at the way he skates, shoots, he can pass. But he had no idea where he was going. At times, he was playing forward at Michigan. You had no idea what position he was playing. But he had always been the star and he always got his numbers. Then he turns pro and for the first time, we’re telling him ‘whoa, just make the first pass and learn to play in your own end.’ How about making a read in your own end about the right guy to pick up? He was awful."
~Dean Lombardi.

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