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12-29-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
OP didn't claim anything, he just posted an article with that headline. The author of the article needs a lesson in logic and reasoning or he was just making a boisterous claim for page hits. The fact that the Battalion relocated out of Bramton shows that GTA might not be an OHL town anymore. Nothing more.
You're right "Brampton Battalion relocation proves Toronto isn't a hockey town" is the title for the article, not the OP's own words. OP has been littering the same sentiment in this thread though.

Originally Posted by Neely2005 View Post
Toronto is a leaf town, not a hockey town IMHO. To many professional hockey teams have failed or struggle in Toronto/GTA.
What baffles me is the fact that OP is from Toronto. There are so many hockey fans in Toronto who don't cheer for the Leafs, yet "Toronto is a leaf town, not a hockey town". Ask most people on the street about hockey, whether black, white, or orange and you're likely to get into a conversation about how bad the Maple Leafs perform, yet "Toronto is a leaf town, not a hockey town". It's not unusual to see the Maple Leafs on the front covers of newspapers yet, Toronto is not a hockey town.

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