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Originally Posted by GX View Post
It's hard to evaluate Merzļikins and Punnenovs, as I've seen too little and know too little about them. I mean, as far as I can tell, they could both become the next KHL starters as well as the next Dzelzs/Enkuzens duo.

Regarding Gudļevskis, I know that he is a very, very hard-working player and he is fairly decent goalie already know. In the same time, I feel that he is more or less wasting already his second year in the Dinamo system (he should have gotten away in the summer of 2010). I don't think he has improved a lot, and mainly that's because he keeps on playing in MHL or spends time on Dinamo bench. And, no, I don't think that those 20 minutes of KHL action that he saw this season where worth the wait.
What about Gudļevskis and our National team?
Masaļskis is 33 so unless some injuries occur, I think he will be our main goalkeeper for the next 4-5 years, maybe longer.

Lets say in 6-7 years, who will be our main Goalkeeper? Jučers or can Gudļevskis surpass him? I think Merzlikins and Punnenovs are too young to discuss for now.

In general what does Latvia's future look like in the Goally department? Can we hope that in 6 years one of the goalkeepers mentioned above will turn into a new "Masalskis" like star (or a new "Irbe" ) ? Or somebody new could appear by that time?

I'm bit worried, because I don't actively follow KHL nor MHL, quite clueless what our future awaits.

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