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12-29-2012, 05:24 PM
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My favourite idea for a Finnish KHL team is that Jokerit would play in KHL but they would also have team in SM-Liiga. Confusing? I'll explain. Basicly, if some rich Russian buisnessman or woman would be ready to fund this project, another Jokerit team would be made. These two teams would have same looking jerseys, same goalsongs, same arena and some of the same leaders but the SM-Liiga Jokerit would have different roster that KHL Jokerit. Junior teams would be shared between theese two teams and they all would play Finnish junior leagues.
Sounds stupid? No, because that way the new Finnish KHL-team wouldn't have to find a new fan base, it would already have one. It would be the same Jokerit, except with a new roster that plays in KHL. Fans wouldn't get bitter because Ossi Väänänen, Steve Moses etc. would still play in "normal" Jokerit, now there would be just 2 x more Jokerit games to watch. Fans could go watch a Finnish Jokerit game against HIFK in friday and and KHL Jokerit game against SKA Petersbourgh in saturday. A rivarly with SKA would start instantly, because Helsinki is small sized replica of St. Petersbough. Imagine, two northern cities against each other. Winter War II, except this war wouldn't have an end.
How about every practical issues? Game schedule would have to be made so that Finnish Jokerit and KHL Jokerit wouldn't play in Hartwall Arena the same day. A little bit of extra work, not hard to arrange at all. Although the rosters would be different, some co-operation would be made. As I said, the leaders would be different, but some persons could be in leading roles in both teams. And as I said about the Jokerit junior teams, they would play in Finland but could do co-operation with Russian junior leagues. That way if a 18-year old Jokerit junior player would choose the contract to KHL Jokerit over Finnish Jokerit, KHL life wouldn't completly alien to him.
All this of course is a fantasy, if some wealty Russian dosen't invest in this. But it's a damn good idea, don't you think? ;D

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