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12-29-2012, 05:37 PM
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Dominik Hasek was so good at getting into people's heads that I think he got into his own head sometimes - with the sleeping on the cots, backing out of seasons and playoffs, and publicly deferring to Osgood. It's like he was afraid of not being the Dominator and had some quirky reactions whenever there was a chink in the armor. Normal stuff for a goalie, of course; Luongo is the same way when he's rattled.

It's all a matter of style though. There's a book on how to beat a butterfly goalie. Look at Roy: Get traffic; aim high, because if you don't make the perfect shot, it's his. I imagine a lot of players knew from the moment they released it whether it was a goal or not. With Hasek, however, there is no ideal shot, and he got some equipment on a lot of pucks that looked like sure goals, whether they be up high or down low.

Both got into people's heads though - that's for sure. With Roy, a player knew what he needed to do, but the more Roy taunted, the more frustrated the shooters became. Think of Demitra in Game 5 in 2001: the puck rebounds right to him, but he puts it right into Roy's glove - and immediately threw his stick in the air and covered his face, because he couldn't believe he didn't get it high enough. With Hasek, it was a case of people throwing everything but the kitchen sink - and getting heartbroken about sure goals that hit flailing limbs.

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