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Originally Posted by DontPass2Clarkson View Post
Speaking of "not training hard enough"...if you seriously follow squats up with deadlifts, then I'd almost guarantee you're not working either one of them hard enough, or lift some relatively light weight.
I follow squats with deadlifts, or to be specific, back and front squats then deadlifts.

You'd be wrong, I work hard on squats and deadlifts. With squats I push myself to whatever I can handle, with deadlifts I set 90kg (my bodyweight) while I am working on my flexibility as I deadlift off of a 20kg plate/blocks rather than the floor.

Tiring yourself out with one of the most intense compound lifts, and then following that up with probably the next most intense compound lift...genius.
It all depends on what you are used to. But I appreciate the judgement.

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