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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
Familiarity and proximity make this more of a rivalry than what it should be. The fact that so many people think it is as big or equal to Canada vs Russia tells you it is not results based. A 9-2 winning record over the past 10 years is all you have to know. It has grown largely due to the nature of those 2 losses. Most Canadians look at those 2 as gold medal losses that Canada let get away and it hurts their fragile hockey superiority ego far more than losing to Russia, a more worthy traditional rival, does. USA has done well to earn its spot among the top 7 nations, but it isn't close to usurping Russia as our primary rival.

Right now it is primarily a border rivalry, much like Sweden vs Finland. Every once in a while Finland wins and Sweden gets really pissed off.
Agreed, the rivalry with Canada and the U.S IMO started back in 2002 at the Olympics and the 2004 wjhc when the U.S won their first gold at the tournament. Russia and Canada go wayyyy back. It's a more historic rivalry that dates back to 1972. The U.S are gaining and good for them they are improving their program but until they continually challenge us like Russia does year in and year out for the next decade or so they'll continue to be a secondary rival IMO. It's mostly about proximity. Russia is our true rival. And obviously I'm talking about all tournaments, if we just focus on the WJHC's not even close. Russia has continually been a thorn in our backs for years and years, U.S is just getting used to some sort of success at this tournament.

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