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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
For some reason, it's really interesting to me considering where they were when they were walking with a ghost. It's a complete reinvention of their sound.

I never seen them live, but the internet radio station I listen to (Y-Not), did a radio takeover/podcast with them, and the host afterward was talking about how he was hitting it off with Sara, but that Tegan was kind of reserved. At least he thought it was Sara.
Ohhh they are the most endearing live. There was one time, they talked for like 20 minutes in between songs and told stories, quite funny, or they would mess up on songs and start over but they never cut their sets short because of it. Their banter is almost as fun as the music. But since they've become popular (IE played on MTV and such), their shows are much more precise.

I remember the first time i heard them was on YTV (a Canadian program from pre-teens/youth), some old show that would do top 30 music videos or something. Anyways, the video was for Living Room. Going from that (a song with a prominent banjo!!) to where they are now is a huge jump, definitely a reinvention or drastic evolution in some ways. The new song doesn't even sound like them, almost Katy Perry-esque.

I'd definitely agree with that assessment. Sara is more friendly and engaging, but Tegan fits the typical Vancouverite: polite but reserved and a bit stand-offish with the public.


On another note, i am looking forward to new Youth Lagoon. Their debut ruled my 2011.

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