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Originally Posted by daver View Post

The first part I bolded is debatable.

Head to head in ages;

At 18 the win goes to Crosby decisively.

At 19 the win goes to Crosby decisively as well although Jagr missed the last 12 games and had he played those 12 games would have most likely finished with a PPG season. Jagr also had the most impressive "sophomore" playoff run in NHL history at the age of 20.

At age 20 it's pretty close.

At age 21 the slight edge goes to Jagr.

At age 22 Jagr wins this decisively.

At age 23 Jagr wins this decisively again.

At age 24 it's pretty even.

At age 25 Jagr wins this.

So how has Crosby been better than Jagr at the same age? The first 4 seasons do go to Crosby but after that Jagr more than makes up for his late start.

In regards to the second bolded part, Eric Lindros says hello.

Every great player has had to adapt his game to maintain an edge, Crosby is not the first star to do this nor is he the last.

Crosby's PPG has been high the last 2 seasons because he has played a total of 63 games.

When he's healthy and plays a full season, let's see if he can maintain such a high PPG.

It's not what Jagr did in his first 7 seasons but what he did from season 4 and onward that set him apart from the rest of the NHL. Jagr's prime is 1994-95 to 2000-01.

In those 7 seasons Jagr had 315 goals, 446 assists for a total of 761 pts in just 495 games (before you jump at "Jagr played in a higher scoring era", I would suggest you do research and look at the numbers as Jagr's prime fell most during the "Dead Puck Era" and even with the 1994-95 and 1995-96 seasons, the scoring in those 2 seasons were pretty close to 2005-06 and 2006-07) those 761 Pts in 495 games gave him a PPG of 1.54. He averaged over 120 Pts a season in 82 games during his prime.

So far Crosby has yet to reach a prime and or peak Jagr.
Crosby was clearly superior in his first four seasons. Age 22 is a draw. Age 23, Crosby was on pace to set himself apart from the league which should not have been a surprise to anyone. Again, throw in the other aspects of his game and he close to if not better than Jagr.

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