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Originally Posted by Hanji View Post
So your opinion is essentially, "I don't need proof, I have 40 years experience in the game!"?????
Well ok then.

Here, have some more of Shore's theatrics:

Globe and Mail, Nov 13, 1929
There is much joy around Madison Square Garden today. Ching Johnson, the great Ranger defenseman, has signed a contract and will chase the puck again while his supporters cheer and his enemies jeer... There is not a better natured hockeyist in existence than the amaible Ching but he has an unusual way of checking which confounds his critics and upsets his opponents. "Elbows" Harry Broadbent never had anything on Johnson the latter being most playful in the art of using his arms to ward off attackers. But "it's all fun" as far as Johnson is concerned and even opposing players are among his most loyal admirers. [Johnson can take the bumps as well as deliver them, and he stepped into many terrific jolts, most of them engineered by the Bruins at Boston, where they would willingly play $10,000 to keep Johnson out of hockey. The latter invariably has selected Eddie Shore as his body-checking victim, and the moans and groans of disapproval in the Hub have been something out of the ordinary. Shore is a great player. He is colorful. In Boston he is an idol and he knows how to play to the gallery. His specialty is falling to the ice, as if in tremendous pain. So Johnson, an obliging sort of player, has helped along the hero act by upsetting Shore at every opportunity. May the good work continue.

Ottawa Citizen: Feb. 17, 1931
Boston was bad a few seasons back when Manager Art Ross had the habit of jumping out onto the ice to argue with the officials and Eddie Shore did his falling acts, feigning injury when checked by an opponent. Now Ross may do some talking, but it's all from the bench, and the customers have run out of sympathy for Shore when he flops, so the life of the referee is much easier than it was in Boston.
I think this pretty much wraps things up. Snap.

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