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Originally Posted by Budsfan View Post
Toronto is no different from any of the teams in the NHL, and go along with this because they are making gobs of money and so support this ridiculous league.
I think Toronto is very different from other markets in that if that they were actually successful, they would be more successful financially than any other team.

San Jose profit [winning Stanley Cup profit] - $5 [$8]

Toronto profit [winning Stanley Cup profit] - $50 [$80]

If 10 teams were chopped and 1/3 of the players sent to the AHL and other venues, KHL, SEL and so on, Crosby would still command top dollar in the NHL and probably would not have his salary deflated in any way, as a matter of fact he may even have an increase, he is a great player and will always be a top money earner.
Yes but I think you'll find that after analyzing the top down economics, that the top wage earners of the NHLPA would prefer if the league would contract.

If the bottom 10 franchises (who are not profitable, in fact, not making any money at all) were eliminated, this would actually INCREASE the amount of money per franchise (and in turn, per player).

Cut out the bottom feeders and you have a league that is just as profitable and wealthy, and with fewer players.

30 team league [$300] - 30 players - [$10/player]

20 team league [$250] - 20 players - [$12.5/player]


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