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Originally Posted by wreckless View Post
whenever diving comes up on these boards i always wonder how many of those giving opinions have ever played hockey.

i play div 1 mens hockey at burnaby 8 rinks and every single player on our team would rather die than dive. the same goes for each team we play.

throughout my time playing junior hockey every single player on my team would rather die than dive.

believe it or not, there are times when what apears top be a dive is really a caught edge, or a slight off balance resulting in the player falling.. which at the NHL level turns into thread after thread about that player diving.

there is no question in my mind that most (generally speaking) canadian players who have come up the ranks through triple a then junior a etc etc have the canadian hockey culture of being tough and not diving branded on their skull - for the most part they truly would rather die than dive.
That's a fantastic post - until you get to the point that not diving is something you learn as a part of a Canadian hockey culture. What you said before that was sincere and true, and it was so for the majority of hockey players in Canada, the same way it's true for Swedes, Russians and Germans. There's simply humans that don't respect rules, and don't have the moral standards to not seek any advantage available through cheating. All this other stuff ("Europeans defiling the pure Canadian game") that so many on here are actually willing to confirm, is ill-leading nationalism and downright bigotry.

You can find reasons for statistical differences in which nationalities appear to dive more than others in their upbringing, their social development, and the same things that make people not respect laws like not to steal. But whoever believes that diving isn't an element of the (or any) sport that has its own root in every single nation on the planet is delusional, and in a quite worrying way.

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