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Originally Posted by Miss Ausguins View Post
I would suggest moving to the northern part of Australia. It's just right during the day in the Winter months.
Originally Posted by Marns View Post
As far as the weather is concerned, the places where it gets "cold" will likely be warm compared to what you're used to. Tasmania and Canberra are the coldest spots in the country, and there's not a tonne going on there anyway, so if you go anywhere else you'll be fine.

I'm from Melbourne so I'm biased, but it's the best city in the country. Weather in winter is often around the 10C mark with quite a few rainy days, and summer can see temperatures of over 40 (varying from mid-20s to mid-30s most often).

If you live close to what you guys would call the downtown area, you can avoid needing a car, for sure. The public transport system is pretty good, with trains, trams (or streetcars) and buses. One such area I'd recommend is St.Kilda. Prices can vary (and some parts of the neighbourhood are less nice than others), but that's very close to the city and you have the beach to admire as well. Richmond is another inner city suburb you may want to check out.

Outside of Melbourne, the other major cities to consider include Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Miss Ausguins recommended the northern part of Australia. Brisbane is the biggest city in the state of Queensland (which is in the north), but if you don't like humid summers, I would steer clear of anywhere north of Sydney.

Sydney has pretty decent public transport, with trains and buses reaching most parts of the city. I've never had too much of a problem getting around there.
Thanks to both of you for giving me more to think about! If I decided to pursue this more seriously, I will let you know

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