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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
You're missing the point here.

I am not disputing the fact Toronto has a mature and saturated market.

I am disputing the fact that San Jose is absolutely miniscule in comparison to Toronto and implementing anti-competitive rules which gives the Sharks benefit to make an extra $3 million if they use these rules to be a successful team (and in turn $1.5 million for the players) and players less economic mobility, doesn't really compare to giving Toronto the advantage of competitive rules which would see them make an extra $30 million dollars (and in turn $15 million for the players) and giving players greater prosperity through economic mobility.
Toronto is sold out for each and every game and extra revenue will again, come only from the fans of the Leafs, in the way of higher prices but if you eliminate 10 teams and 1/3 of the players, those teams now not recieving profit sharing would maybe get a share and God forbid we make the play-offs, more money will be generated in Toronto and distributed to the teams in a smaller league.

I don't think Toronto, will ever become the Yankees of Hockey and dominate the league, by having the most money to spend and I also think there will always be a Cap, it may increase more because teams are more successful, thus helping players get more money by way of a higher Cap.

A lockout is always about the division of money. These players put their lives on the line for a reason at the end of the day. For entertainment. Toronto fans are going to pay whatever Tanenbaum and Rogers/Bell charges (many times more than San Jose fans). This is called competition, and it's result should be in a superior product compared to the people who pay a fraction for the same product.
Players do not put their lives on the line, they are not soldiers, they do however play a violent sport and they are very well paid for it but that is their choice, they could do any number of things that are not as violent however they would have to take a pretty fair salary cut.

Is San Jose that depressed and they have that much less money, to watch what Toronto fans are charged to watch a game, or is it possible, they couldn't care less about hockey and would sooner be out playing Golf.

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