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12-29-2012, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Budsfan View Post
Toronto is sold out for each and every game and extra revenue will again, come only from the fans of the Leafs, in the way of higher prices but if you eliminate 10 teams and 1/3 of the players, those teams now not recieving profit sharing would maybe get a share and God forbid we make the play-offs, more money will be generated in Toronto and distributed to the teams in a smaller league.
I understand but wouldn't players want rules to provide teams like Toronto the ability to get into the playoffs...the ability to use the money they charge outrageous prices to do some good above and beyond what other teams' fans do???

Picture this.

I am a season ticket holder in front row seats in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto watching the Leafs get blown out each and every year for $120,000 since the lockout.

On the other hand, that same season ticket holder in San Jose is sitting in that exact same front row seat, watching a superior product being San Jose making the playoffs every year, and paying a mere $25,000 over the same time period since the lockout.

You're talking about the fans losing?

What fans?

It's clearly us fans up north!

It's clearly us faithful Leafs fans watching our team suffer year in and out under these anti-competitive rules the NHL designs to prop up their teams down south!

It's to spread their product!

And it hurts us fans up here, it's hurts the players unilaterally, and it hurts a select few successful franchises assuming there are no kickbacks from the NHL (like regional monopoly protection...hit the road Balsillie!).

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