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12-29-2012, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I think you are underestimating just how difficult it is to bring in quality players. IMO, there is no way the Islanders are going to sign any UFA center to a multi-year contract when they expect a guy like Strome or Nelson to be ready sometime in 2013-14, or at the latest by the start of 2014-15. I could only see them offering up a one year deal, and no true top-six center is going to sign for just a one year deal, considering they will be getting multi-year offers from other teams(assuming we are thinking of the same kind of player).

That leaves the trade route, where I just don't see the Isles trading anything of significant value for a one year stop-gap. The only real possibilities who would MAYBE sign here on one year contracts are guys like Matt Cullen and Vinny Prospal, and even if they were willing to sign for one year I don't know if they'd really be better options.

As far as Nino goes, I don't see why he shouldn't get some sort of shot at a top-9 spot with the way he's played this year in Bridgeport. Even if you are completely against him getting a shot on the top line with Tavares, there still should be an opening for him on the 3rd line with Nielsen and Grabner if things play out the way I think they will. At this point I don't think Nino is undeserving of at least getting a shot there.

Who knows, maybe the Isles will take your approach. Time will tell, but at this point I fully expect both Strome and Nino to be Islanders next season. IMO the only way Strome won't be is if Nelson beats him out.
I think you underestimate how hard it is to develop them properly.

Think of the promising young guys we have had. Brought in early, meddled with, coddled or rushed or whatnot. I look at our success with early rounders and then look at Detroit's success with late rounders and see their approach (NO ONE plays early. They are ready or they rot) and then our approach (9 game tryout, meddle with junior/college team, meddle, meddle, meddle) and see one superior developmental philosophy and one with a less than stellar developmental program.

If prospects were chickens, Detroit gets them done every time and NYI makes their fans vomit or move into a water closet. Now....Snow seems to be moving closer to 162* on his chickens......thankfully.

I guess some might miss the friendly toilet seat conversations.

Again, if the choice is rush a promising asset who will pay off dividends if we wait or go with cheap throwaways, I'll take a few fliers on some Bruin farmhands and a few more losses.

That could mean several wins per season gained (rather than a slew of Okposo "maybe one day he'll get it" types) in the coming seasons as a result. That is good, isn't it?

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