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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
I understand but wouldn't players want rules to provide teams like Toronto the ability to get into the playoffs...the ability to use the money they charge outrageous prices to do some good above and beyond what other teams' fans do???

Picture this.

I am a season ticket holder in front row seats in the Air Canada Centre in Toronto watching the Leafs get blown out each and every year for $120,000 since the lockout.

On the other hand, that same season ticket holder in San Jose is sitting in that exact same front row seat, watching a superior product being San Jose making the playoffs every year, and paying a mere $25,000 over the same time period since the lockout.

You're talking about the fans losing?

What fans?

It's clearly us fans up north!

It's clearly us faithful Leafs fans watching our team suffer year in and out under these anti-competitive rules the NHL designs to prop up their teams down south!

It's to spread their product!

And it hurts us fans up here, it's hurts the players unilaterally, and it hurts a select few successful franchises assuming there are no kickbacks from the NHL (like regional monopoly protection...hit the road Balsillie!).
This argument started because I stated that I supported the fans and you supported the players not the owners, if you cut 10 teams and 1/3 of the players you would definitely get a better product on the ice and if there is less revenue sharing, amongst the more successful 20 teams that are left, perhaps and I have underlined perhaps, the fans in Toronto would get a break purchasing tickets and not pay the outrageous prices they now do.

I remember the 6 team league, very well and most of those teams were sold out and didn't look for a handout and I tried not miss a game back then, just as I do now but I could afford a ticket back then and saw many games at the Gardens, going to the ACC now is a treat because prices are so high, one has to consider taking out a small loan to go.

Bettman took teams from Canada and put them in places Like Pheonix and other places for expansion to a bigger audience and the NHLPA said not a word about the extra players being hired and getting more money for playing in places where the players out numbered the fans and they aren't now, they want the "Status Quo" and as long as this continues the real fans in Toronto will keep getting the shaft, while some of the fans south of the border, will pay a fraction of what we do, to watch the same product.

In any case I've stated my position on this Lockout and really there very little else to say.

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